PS Director Resigns (Again)

Clinton Brantley has resigned his post as Director of Public Safety. President Tuajuanda Jordan announced Brantley’s resignation via email on Jan 28. This email also stipulated that Dean of Students Leonard Brown will step in to serve as the acting director of Public Safety.

The Public Safety department was moved back under the Dean of Students’ Office late last semester. Public Safety had been placed under the purview of Charles Jackson, Vice President of Business and Finance, last spring when the college was looking to fill the vacancy left when the interim Dean of Students, Roberto Ifill, left the college.

St. Mary’s has struggled to keep the Public Safety Director position filled ever since its inception in 2010 when it was created out of the Assistant Vice President for Campus Operations. Brantely replaced Ed Adams earlier this year. Adams had been serving as the interim Public Safety Director since the resignation of Sean Tallerico last spring. Brantley is the fifth or sixth person, depending on how you count interim directors, to serve as the Director of Public Safety since 2011. At least three of those directors, Brantley, Tallerico, and Christopher Santiago held their positions for less than a year before leaving.

According to Dean Brown, the college is still in the early stages of planning the search for a new director. Brown declined to comment on the reasons for Brantley’s resignation, citing the college’s responsibility for maintaining the privacy of personnel. No official explanation has yet been given for Brantley’s resignation.

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