Class of 2014 Senior Assassins Still in Progress

Every year, the seniors of St. Mary’s honors the tradition of participating in Senior Assassins. It is an intense game in which paranoia is heightened and people hunt each other for the purposes of stabbing them with a plastic knife. The rules of the game are simple. Everyone carries around a piece of paper with the name of their target on it, and their job is to stab their target with the plastic knife that they are issued at the beginning of the game (or another plastic knife if the first one breaks or gets lost). Once a person “kills” their target, they take their victim’s target, and the cycle continues. However, while hunting the target, people must always be careful to watch out for their assassin, because their name is also on a piece of paper, and they are being hunted as well. Senior Assassins started on March 31, and is still in progress, though it will probably end automatically once Senior Week begins if there is still no winner.

Kerry Maguire, a senior who “died” recently, said, “While I was playing I was extremely paranoid, walking around with my hood up, always looking both ways down a hallway or out a door before walking out. It was really fun, though. There was a great adrenaline rush waiting for someone to come get me. It was frustrating stalking my target, she always got away before I got out  of class.” When asked about how she died, Maguire said, “I eventually died when I let down my guard. I didn’t check out the window before leaving Goodpaster and my assassin got me.”

While she is disappointed that she is no longer in the game, Maguire is “definitely a bit relieved that I don’t have to worry anymore. But I still want to get my housemates get their targets.”

Senior Katie Boyle said, “This game has been entertaining. I recall some antics from previous years that were involved with this game, and being able to take part in this round has been quite the experience. Hearing about the things that some people will do and reading the stories on the Senior Assassins Facebook Event page has been simultaneously amusing and horrifying.”

As if the paranoia of Senior Assassins is not enough, Boyle is playing that game, while simultaneously playing Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) during the week of March 31-April 6. She said, “These games, by nature, both generate paranoia. This paranoia is different since in HvZ you know who is coming after you. With Assassins, you don’t necessarily know, and you can’t even necessarily trust your closest friends. I am convinced that the only reason I am still alive is because I was on my toes the whole time for HvZ, but now that HvZ is over, I can finally focus on the game at hand.”

For those who would like to read stories that people post about their “killings,” there is a Senior Assassins 2014 event page on Facebook.

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