Darya's Pop Culture Talk: Loser Keeps "Beaver"

I recently saw a picture online (possibly real, possibly not) of a sign that was presented during an Olympics hockey game, between the United States and Canada. It had a picture of two hockey players (one from each team), with Justin Bieber between them. It said: “Loser Keeps Bieber.” (Apparently we lost.) I also heard a rumor that there is a debate about whether or not Justin Bieber should be deported because of his recent behavior. But my question for the general public is: Why does any of this even matter?

Admittedly, lately Bieber has been kind of a brat, and this is putting it pretty mildly. He used to be a decent kid, as far as I could tell. He was innocent-looking and had that well-known Bieber haircut that all the middle-school boys wanted and all the middle-school girls loved, he gave good interviews, and he seemed like a kid who could potentially be a good influence on his audience. His behavior has since changed dramatically. He has apparently egged houses, spit on fans, made stupid and offensive remarks about things he knows nothing about (such as saying Anne Frank would have been a fan of his and he could have been an inspiration to her), he uses the word “Belieber,” and he has supposedly been arrested more than once. I am sure he has done more.

None of this should matter. Justin Bieber should not matter, because in several years, no one will even remember his name, let alone what he did now. Some evidence of this can be found just by looking at our generation. Our generation (middle-schoolers and high-schoolers alike) is his first audience; back in my high school, all the girls loved him. But now, however, the same people who loved him once very likely no longer care about him or anything he does (exceptions are probably kids currently in elementary and middle school, but one day they will not care either). As soon as he lost that “I’m-so-innocent” look and routine, people stopped caring and all but forgot about him. The only reason I ever think about him is when I see something in the tabloids, or something online like the picture stating that “Loser Keeps Bieber.”

Another piece of evidence that people are going to forget everything about Bieber, including his name, is that a family friend I was talking to last weekend thinks his name is Justin Beaver. Not only had he never heard Justin Bieber’s music, he called him Justin Beaver the entire time we were talking. Granted, he is probably in his forties, but even people who do not belong to our generation at least know Bieber’s name, if nothing else.

My point: Justin Bieber’s fame will not stay with him. People should not care, nor will they in the future, because the only noteworthy thing he has done up to this point is offend people. One day, people really will believe his last name is Beaver, and no one will contradict them.

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