Stephanie Strickland Presents Electronic Poetry at VOICES Reading

By Danielle Fullerton

On the night of Thursday February 6th, Stephanie Strickland came from New York to the St. Mary’s Boyden Gallery. Strickland has recently written her seventh poetry book, Dragon Logic, and has worked on electronic poetry.

The VOICES Reading Series with Strickland filled Boyden Gallery, so much so that more chairs had to be brought in to accommodate incoming guests. Along with a mix of faculty members from various departments, there was a diverse audience of students from physics and computer science to art and English. Her presentation covered a variety of interests around the room and resonated with the students.  The first half of the presentation, she read from her book Dragon Logic and the other half included, the Sea and Spar, Between.

Strickland has not always been a poet. She started out as a librarian at Sarah Lawrence before joining the Society of Literature and Science and Arts (SLSA).  The SLSA allowed Strickland to combine her love of science and arts, in order to make her digital poetry. The digital poetry is truly poetry of the future and visually stimulating.

When I had the chance to interview Strickland, she explained to me her inspirations for her innovative poetry.

“I have always loved science and I always wanted to bring together the real world and the most adventurous ways of representing it that I know about.”

She has always been fascinated with how language interacts with the real world and science.

The question of “How does language hold its own on a world of images and movement?” is answered through her electronic poetry, which involves nature and film to display it. She recently collaborated on the electronic poem, Sea and Spar Between with Nick Montfort. The electronic poems can be found on Stephanie Strickland’s website:

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