News-in-Brief: College Renews Contract with Bon App

On April 12 in an All-Student email, Contracting Officer and Director of Auxiliary Operations Patrick Hunt announced that the College would be awarding Bon Appetit Management Co. (Bon Appetit) a follow-on contract. The current contract for food services operations expires on June 30, 2013 and the new contract will be for a base period of two years with five one year option periods.

The decision was made in accordance with College procurement requirements by an evaluation panel made up of “a broad mix of administrative personnel and students” who “conducted a thorough review and evaluation of the four  proposals that were received,” according to Hunt in the email. The process included a site visit to Pennsylvania with members of the evaluation panel and an additional student representative to evaluate one of the competitor operations. Based on the evaluations, the panel made the unanimous decision to offer Bon Appetit a contract again.

With the contract acquisition, Bon Appetit will be “adding to the variety of weekly and monthly promotions and events that it has conducted in the past” and introduce the new board plans, including the extended hours of operations in the Great Room and the Pub starting in the fall. In closing, Hunt said, “We look forward to Bon Appetit’s continued effort in providing a wide variety of quality cuisines and significant number of choices they provide with each and every meal.”

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