Students "Get Their Float On" at the Waterfront

Friday, April 27 marked the end of classes for the Spring 2012 semester at St. Mary’s, and many students took advantage of the sunny clear blue skies and invigorating wind to celebrate spring before finals week at the Sailing Club’s bi-annual “Get Your Float On” event.

Sunbathing, sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking were encouraged as students swarmed the James P. Muldoon River Center and Waterfront on Friday afternoon. Members of the Student Education Association decorated many a sunbather with henna tattoos, which browned in the sun before being chipped away to reveal an orange design. Those who were sailing-inclined reveled in the great wind that was present, and most of the waterfront’s sailboats were in use during the event.

The Sailing Club’s large charcoal grill was in constant use throughout the afternoon, and it peppered the wind with delicious-smelling smoke as the grillers dished out hamburgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs to hungry students, who chowed down on the chips and sodas that were also provided.

Sophomore Jemarc Van-Axinto said of the event, “I think it’s a really nice way to get out to the watefront–but of course we’re St. Mary’s students, so we could do this anytime. Thankfully it’s a nice day, and it’s great that we have a sponsored event that gives us an excuse to come down. I know a lot of people from North Campus who are grateful to come hang out at the river like we’re supposed to.”

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