News in Brief: Senior Class Discusses Gala, Class Gift

On Feb. 9, the class of 2012 held a class meeting to discuss some of the upcoming changes and events that will be taking place as graduation approaches. Two of the many concerns faced by the senior class are the issue of what the senior class gift to the school will be and the change of Gala venue.

There were several different suggestions on what the senior class gift should be to the school. Two of the suggestions that seemed to carry some weight were having either a welcome sign or a gateway at the entrance to the school. According to what was said at the meeting, the idea of having a more aesthetically pleasing entrance way has been on the table as a possible class gift for sometime and the senior class would like to take it on and make it a reality.

Associate Vice President for Planning and Facilities Charles “Chip” Jackson was present at the meeting to disscuss the logitics of such a gift. “We’ve talked for many years about ways to announce the arrival of [St. Mary’s]…this is an idea, of announcing you’ve arrived at St. Mary’s,” said Jackson. Besides a gate or a walkway, the senior class also discussed donating banners to the school that could be kept up all year round. Though all of these ideas could be potential gifts, there are still things that have to be considered before making a decision. The challenges of such a project would be the archealogical aspect and the time it would take to build some of the suggestions.

For the most part there seemed to be a positive reaction towards the gift ideas; however, some students wanted to have a gift that would serve to help many people on campus. “Just making an aesthetic change doesn’t seem to be a huge legacy for 2012,” said senior Jessica Ditillo. Instead she suggested another idea of setting up a living wage fund or setting up a fund for staff paid below living wage until the state freeze is lifted. Though this was an idea, again, there were logistical aspects to consider.

While the class gift was a major issue, it was not the only one that needed to be addressed. For the first time in several years, Senior Gala will not be held at the Broome Howard; instead this year’s Gala will be held at Woodlawn. The Gala’s location has been changed for financial reasons and the new location will have no extra costs to seniors. The executive board is not yet sure what the cost of tickets will be but they should not be more than they have been in previous years.

For more information about the class of 2012, visit the class website for upcoming dates and important dates.

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