Spotlight: Anthropology Club

This semester yields a tremendous opportunity in which all of us anthropology students and enthusiasts can forge and crystallize our anthropology community. We, the leadership of the anthropology club, wish to provide forums for the fostering of positive interactions between all members of our community through establishing a reliable system of updates, discussions, and on and off campus outings. Many of us find that courses such as Tool Kit and Research Methods require that we collaborate with each other. The anthropology club wishes to foster the continual growth of these collaborations and provide frameworks for discussion to provide a means for the sharing of ideas and projects.

Collaboration between all members of our community is vital to the mission of anthropologists alike. Whether your studies focus upon Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Archaeology, or Bio-Anthropology, we will all be collaborating with other anthropologists, academic disciplines, and real world communities. Our identity as an anthropologist begins here at St. Mary’s College of Maryland where a number of resources already exist. Proximity to Historic St. Mary’s City, museums and cultural experiences between St. Mary’s County and Washington D.C., and access to a world of anthropological literature and research are all means in which the anthropology club wishes to bring students together and thus address the strengthening of our community.

As members of our community move forward in their academic journeys, it is important to remember our humble beginnings in Anthropology 101 and the inevitable first 300 level course we took as underclassmen. I propose to implement opportunities for a lateral mentorship. Classmates who have conducted their own research and share a passion for particular aspects of anthropology should be given an informal way in which to inspire others. This will be accomplished through a series of informal meetings as well as structures already in place such as St. Mary’s Project, Independent Study, and Directed Research presentations.

The anthropology club aims to help organize the voice of our student cohort in the department’s search for a new full time professor. Candidates will be giving presentations starting Jan. 30 through Feb. 21. Two of the candidates include current visiting faculty members Giovanna Vitelli and Liza Gijanto. Our voice will help shape the future of our anthropology department and the already thriving relationship between its students and staff.

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