SMCM Awaits The 'Big Picture App?'

St. Mary’s students are set to perform in the upcoming project The Big Picture App? which is an original collaborative piece created by its own cast and directed by TFMS professor, Meredith Taylor. The student written play is based on a class taught by Taylor titled the Art of Happening that studied material from the Happenings of the 1960s to the current use of Flash Mobs.

The Big Picture App? will include urgent issues in today’s society involving the environment, body image, race, politics, and many other topics. “The aim is to use a variety of theater staples such as vignettes, improvisation, and multimedia presentations to address societal issues on both a local and international scale…” says Zach Eser (Senior),  a student involved and performing in The Big Picture App?  The play will also discuss the concept of interconnectedness and what role it has in this age of technology. Creative pieces ranging from physical theater and dance to writing and film will be used to express the issues presented.

The project will also rely on audience participation.   “It will deal with positive changes, with the audience asking themselves where would I start and what could I do?” says Taylor. It is the hope of all those involved that the audience will learn from this experience and act in response.  “We as a cast and as the intellectual body of the work want to make our audience think” explains Eser.  The student ensemble is currently in the midst of devising the script for the piece. The set and costumes are also to be a provocative portion of the play considering that they will be made from recycled material.

Auditions were held for the performance project on January 18th.  Taylor described the auditions as “a bit of a strange situation since the students were excited but unsure of how the project would be conducted.” However, the diverse group of students selected are enthusiastic about the play. “The ensemble is a truly gifted menagerie of actors with all kinds of different experiences that, on the whole, will make for some very thought provoking theater” Eser says. Rehearsals and other workshops have begun for the Big Picture App?, which plays at the Bruce Davis Theater from March 29th to April 7th

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