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St Mary’s has begun its yearly search for a new Student Trustee.  I was chosen last year to replace Maurielle Stewart at the end of her term this May.  In preparation for this change, we are now looking for a qualified and dependable student to replace me as Student Trustee for the 2013-14 school year.  It is time for someone new to step up and assume this unique but important role.

What does a Student Trustee do? They represent the students! Our college, unlike other public colleges and universities in Maryland, is governed by an independent Board of Trustees.  As Student Trustee, you will be given the opportunity to speak on behalf of your classmates while adding a new perspective to the Board. This representation, unique in higher education, allows students to have access to the highest levels of school governance.

As Trustee, you are required to attend the quarterly Board Meetings so that you can continue to inform the Board Members about the happenings on campus. If problems and crises cause disruptions within the student body, your job is to gather information and report back to college administrators and other trustees so that the interests of the students are not overlooked.

Student Trustees can also influence college policy through their work on the Enrollment and Student Life Committee.  Here, you can voice problems and concerns that students may have about the conditions on campus.  Since you serve with other board members, you have direct access to people who can bring about positive change for our community.

Before becoming Student Trustee, you must first go through a yearlong training process as Student Trustee-in-Training.  You are required to attend both Buildings and Grounds Committee meetings and the quarterly Board Meetings.  Here, you will learn more about the inner workings of the College and how committees are run and organized.  You will also be introduced to your future colleagues, the board members.

Though this is a two year commitment, you are still allowed to Study Abroad during this training period.  Currently, I am studying in Alba, Italy (hence the Italian at the beginning.)  If you wish to still experience life abroad, you will not be discounted during the application process.  In my opinion, a Student Trustee who has studied abroad is in a better position to represent all students, even those who have chosen to leave campus to study elsewhere.  However, if selected, you may only study abroad during the fall semester of your training period.

Starting on Monday, December 5th, applications for the position of Student Trustee-in-Training will be available at the Information Desk inside the Campus Center.  Applications must be completed and submitted by Friday, February 10th.  All applicants are required to attend an open forum where they can introduce themselves and their ideas to the campus community. Two or three finalists are then selected to be interviewed by the Enrollment and Student Life Committee. If selected, you will be presented to the entire Board.

The position of Student Trustee is a great opportunity for someone who wants to give back to the campus community. It allows you a chance to help solve problems that face our school.  Your accomplishments will affect generations of students to come, so no pressure. If selected, you will be the 27th student to hold both this honor and responsibility.

If you are a first-year or sophomore student with a 2.5 GPA or higher you are eligible for selection. If you would like more information please contact either myself, Alexander Walls, at or Maurielle Stewart, at

We will also host several question times next semester on January 18th, 25th, and 27th for any students who are interested in learning more about this position and its responsibilities.

Good luck with your final papers and tests and I look forward to seeing you all again next semester.

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