Hallowgreens Tradition Continues, Halloween Celebrated at St. Mary's

The always-anticipated Hallowgreens festivities took place on the Townhouse Greens Saturday night, right in time for the brisk winter cold despite a week of warm October weather.

The annual celebration takes place on the Saturday nearest to Halloween, and calls for dressing up in costumes, socializing, and enjoying the often original, typical, or ridiculous Halloween costumes of fellow St. Mary’s students. “It’s a great way to show creativity. I like the fact that I can go outside my door and see half of the school socializing and just having fun,” said Senior Bethany Townsend, who dressed up as a unique ninja mouse.

Students started gathering on the Greens as early as 9 p.m. dressed in full costume and prepared for the night of fun. As usual, St. Mary’s kept the tradition innovative, creative, and exhilarating with characters from the eventful night consisting of a picnic table, holiday fairies, and the average college dinner: a cup of noodles.

A large group of Mario Kart racecar drivers were also in attendance, totaling a complete group of thirteen. The group used the Greens as their racetrack for the night, bumping into each other and simulating the characters and actions from the actual video game. While there was a wide range of imaginative get-ups for the night, there were also the typical outfits that make appearances every year. The standard costumes worn included pirates, ninja turtles, avatars and bumblebees.

Public Safety remained outside of Daugherty-Palmer Commons, overseeing the wellbeing of students throughout the night. St. Mary’s Interim Director of Public Safety David Zylak said, “We are going to have an all hands on deck night for public safety [at Hallowgreens]” before Saturday evening even arrived, cognizant of the necessary lookout for any prohibited activities.

While the massive gathering is a new experience to most first-years at St. Mary’s, most seniors enjoyed their last time around before graduating. Senior Mike Victory, who posed as Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum on Saturday night, says, “Hallowgreens defines why small schools are better than big schools.”

“It’s an opportunity for you to exercise your imagination and be who you want to be or what you want to be,” Townsend said.

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