Students and Staff Show the Love by Cutting off Hair

On Wednesday, Oct. 19, Fiscal Associate for Student Activities Sara Renn cut off 19 inches of her hair. Renn was one of 11 participants who donated her locks to Locks of Love.

The Locks of Love organization is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis, according to the organization webpage. The event was organized by the Office of Student Activities and was held in the Aldom Lounge.

“I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love because I believe it is a worthy program. As a child, I’ve always had long hair, so I imagine that being without hair may be depressing to a child,” said Renn. “I can grow long hair anytime, and I am saddened that some children may not be able to grow hair at all. The reward for me is the feeling that I’ve helped restore a child’s self-esteem.”

Other participants in the event include senior Lyndsay Fournier, junior Kayla Hall, and first-year student Kate Cowart, who donated 11 inches of hair. According to Coordinator of Orientation and Service Programs Sola Ogundele, ’10, there were three donated ponytails dropped off in addition to the haircuts done on site.

Renn had not cut her hair for five years, when she donated her hair to Locks of Love for the first time. “I began donating in 2006, when I first learned of the Locks of Love program,” she said. “From that day forward, I’ve pledged to myself to always grow an appropriate length of hair to donate to the cause.”

Renn encourages all students, male and female, interested in donating to the Locks of Love organization to participate. “Consider making a difference in someone’s life by growing long hair and donating it to a child in need,” she said.

Though all are encouraged to participate, there are some requirements and restrictions. Participants are required to have 10 inches of hair available to cut for a complete hairpiece to be made, although locks that are six to 10 inches are accepted as well. No bleached or highlighted hair is accepted, but hair may be permed or layered. Dreadlocks are also not accepted. The organization accepts mailed-in hair as well. All hair must be braided or in a ponytail and it must be cleaned and dried before sent.

This was the first Locks of Love event held this year on campus, and the Service and Social Change program of the Office of Student Activities is interested in starting to host them once a semester. For more information about donating, visit

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