Artist Spotlight: Colleen Brummitt

Colleen Brummitt is a perfect example of the creative spark that dwells on St. Mary’s campus. She is one of the many dedicated dancers at SMCM. As an individual who has been dancing for nearly three years, Brummitt shows how you can do what you love while balancing your academic schedule.  She also proves that any student can break from their shell and become a talented figure in the student body.

Brummitt joined St. Mary’s Dance club her sophomore year and has been an active member ever since. She explains that dancing has made her “a lot more self-confident than [I was during my] freshman year.”  She has been given a boost in self-esteem while being a part of this organization and as a result has become “more outgoing.” Dance club allows its members to dance in the styles that they are comfortable with or branch out into different types of dancing. Maurielle Stewart, the president of Dance Club, comments that Brummitt “has bridged out from strictly hip-hop to more contemporary and lyrical.”

Brummitt believes that with dancing, practice makes perfect. When she is not preparing for a show, she can be found practicing just to enhance her muscle memory. “There are rehearsals once a week, tech week before a show, and I practice every chance I get even if I think I don’t need it,” said Brummitt. Practicing also helps her with her confidence before a performance.

When asked what dancing means to her, Brummitt said that “dancing is a form of expression.” Dancing has helped her become the person she is today. It has allowed Brummitt to speak through her movements. Even though practicing is an important part of dance, it isn’t all hard work. “It’s definitely what I use as my stress relief,” she says. She can show who she is and enjoy doing it. Even now as Brummitt has entered her senior year, she can still express herself through dance.

Even though Brummitt is one of many skilled members, she has still been an integral figure in the club. “She is what you hope to find in dance club; someone who is enthusiastic, loving what they do, and learning in the process as they hone their skills,” says Stewart. It is clear that dancing has had a significant impact on Brummitt’s academic career. Those who wish to admire her dancing will find her in upcoming shows hosted by Dance Club.

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