Club Spotlight: Creative Writing Club

This semester, St. Mary’s welcomes the brand new Creative Writing Club, where students can get together to share their writing, recommend books, workshop stories, or just have a quiet place to write.

“I didn’t get the idea for a Creative Writing Club so much as I noticed a lack of one on campus. I thought it was really weird that St. Mary’s didn’t have one, considering how many writers go here,” said junior and Creative Writing Club president Lydia Martin. “I talked with a few other writers who expressed the same frustration with the lack of a writing community and eventually I decided to just go for it.”

At its weekly meetings, club members do writing exercises, make presentations, and share their fiction. “Last time [for our presentation] we talked about National Novel Writing Month, which takes place in November,” said Martin. National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, is the literary challenge of writing a 50,000-word novel in only one month.

“The main thing I want to establish this semester is a good community where writers feel comfortable sharing their work and getting feedback from one another. For a writer, the best feeling is having someone read your work and tell you they loved it,” said Martin. “I want all of our members to be able to achieve that.”

“I joined the Creative Writing club because I have been interested in writing since eighth grade, and most schools don’t have programs encouraging pure science fiction or fantasy,” said first-year Walter Goerling, “My favorite thing about the club is the ability to share my work and receive feedback on it. I think that is the club’s greatest incentive for people: letting us writers find a support group on the campus.”

Sophomore Jessica Chen, another member of the club, said, “My favorite thing about [the club] so far is the really easy-to-use website that allows us to share our writing. I’m looking forward to learning about new ways to write and figuring out how to make my own writing better.”

The Club’s website is very user friendly. It has a page for club news and updates, along with a forum for discussion, sharing stories, and providing constructive criticism to other members.

The club meets on Thursdays at 8 p.m. in Shaefer Hall 161. All are welcome. For more information, contact Lydia Martin at or visit the Club’s website at

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