Students Begin Sustainability Internship

The Sustainability Fellow position, formerly held by Lisa Neu ’10, has been split into three student internships to be held by two upperclassmen and one first-year student for the academic year.
The decision was announced last semester, when less funding was available for the position due to the recent increase in required staffing positions for the College.

Replacing a full-time Sustainability Fellow with a three-student personnel setup would not only reduce costs to St. Mary’s, but would also offer opportunities for environment-focused students to become more involved in the campus community.

“This offers students a chance for really good career development,” said Facilities Planner and Sustainability Coordinator Luke Mowbray, who will be working directly with the interns in the White House Sustainability Office. “They’ll be working upwards of 36 hours, comparable [to the Sustainability Fellow], and I’m looking forward to it.”

The interns include junior Emily Smith, who has worked with the College since this past summer, senior Nicole Johnson, and first-year Scott Lee. “I’m excited that I was chosen,” said Lee. “The position is usually for upperclassmen.”

The interns will each work 10-15 hours each week, doing work similar to Neu.

The Sustainability Fellow position began in 2008 with two recent graduates working 20 hours each week, followed by Shane Hall ’09 for the 2009-2010 academic year. Neu gained the position last year, also as a recent graduate. “The idea of the program was to hire someone who had just graduated,” said Mowbray.

Mowbray has been Facilities Planner and Sustainability Coordinator since predecessor Christophe Bornand, who left the office two years ago.

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