Artist Spotlight: Andrew Llewellyn

Senior Andrew Llewellyn is not your typical trombone player, if there is such a thing.  It has been almost eleven years since he started “accidently” playing the trombone: in fourth grade, he really wanted to play the trumpet but all the spots were taken.  This misfortune turned into a passion, and he hasn’t stopped playing since.

Llewellyn said, “The trombone is different from any other instrument.  It carries an orchestra or band and its tones are so versatile.”  It works to his advantage; he said, “There are not many people that play the trombone well, so there is high demand for good players.”

Artists and musicians alike get inspiration from a multitude of places, and Llwellyn is no different.  His inspiration comes from “anything that is attractive in some sense.”  Whether it is other music, interactions, or an emotion, Llewellyn said, “to play a certain kind of music, you need to picture a story in order to convey meaning.”

Llewellyn performs with the Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, Brass Ensemble, and teaches private lessons on campus. He has also studied music in Alba, Italy, for a semester, but after he graduates in the spring, he will keep in touch with the music world in a different way.  He hopes to merge his Economics major with his Music minor and delve into arts administration, going from on stage to behind the curtain.

Llewellyn will always keep his music career at St. Mary’s in his heart.  He will continue to be a part—whether it is by performing or observing—of the River Concert Series as he has done the last three years.  He said, “it is a great community builder and a great way to hear up-and-coming musicians.”

To a musician like Llwellyn, what is more important than the music itself is sharing it with others.

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