Riverfest, Fun with the Community

Last weekend, various members of the St. Mary’s community, both within the College and out, came out to celebrate the event known as Riverfest.

During the festival thrown by the St. Mary’s River Watershed Association, guests were invited to participate in a variety of entertaining and educational events while they were out at Historic St. Mary’s City. Some of the key events included the Wade In with Senator Bernie Fowler, a magic show featuring the SuperMagicMan Reggie Rice, and a booth where one could learn and observe birds of prey from around the area.

“[Riverfest] was good,” Sophomore Glenn Stanley said. “It made it seem like more of a community. There was this elementary school choir, a pirate ship, and the folks who ran it really interacted with everybody. It was real friendly.”

Sophomore Christina Callis also noticed the friendly atmosphere at Riverfest. “My experience was really positive. It was the first time I had gone to Riverfest. The atmosphere was pretty joyous,” she said.

Not all of the events occurred during the entirety of Riverfest, however, so some people who came at different times had different experiences depending on what event was being showcased at the time.

Sophomore Ashok Chandwaney, who had visited later on when Riverfest was beginning to close down, managed to have fun. He said, “I sat in the sun and it was a nice day…I ate the fragmented remains of the vegetarian sandwich.”

When asked if he would recommend people to come to Riverfest next year, Chandwaney said, “[I would] if they had more sandwiches.”

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