Regina Curran, New Judicial Affairs Officer

Starting this year, Regina Curran will take over the position of Judicial Affairs officer and plans to promote programs to benefit the student body.

Curran received her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University, her law degree from Roger Williams University, in Bristol, Rhode Island, and though she is not practicing law here, she is a licensed attorney in the state of North Carolina.

Curran comes to St. Mary’s from Coastal Carolina University, where she held the position of Coordinator of Student Conduct and Off-Campus Student Services. She brings with her three years of field experience in student conduct and a desire to bring about programs that will promote conflict resolutions skills. Curran plans to, “in every way, shape, or form be educational,” and though she is a lawyer, she would like the student body to know that she has no intention for her position to resemble the legal system.

Within her job description, Curran will advise groups, including the Judicial Board, and starting with her arrival here, will be advising the Student Judicial advisors. Within her tenure at St. Mary’s, Curran is also going to start a peer mediation group. She states that, “the reason it’s called Student Conduct, [is because] I address the way students address themselves as it relates the student code of conduct.”

She stated that she is greatly impressed by the intelligence of the St. Mary’s student body and said that students here are very engaged. Curran said that it’s her “responsibility and it is [the staff’s] responsibility to keep [students] safe, and [to] create an environment that is free for [students] to get the education that [they] are paying for.” She also said she is not here to punish people; instead, Curran believes “it is really about just helping everyone to understand we are part of a community and as such, we have certain rights and responsibilities.”

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