No "Love" for St. Mary's

Loni Love has cancelled on us. Again.

Last semester, Programs Board finally revealed that comic Loni Love would be gracing St. Mary’s with an act, but shortly thereafter, Love cancelled. She was rebooked to perform as part of Program Board’s Welcome Back Weekend, but on Saturday night, Director of Campus Programming and junior Francis Rodezno sent out an all-student email informing the campus that Love had cancelled her Sunday, Sept. 4 show.

The first time Love cancelled, her agent said she had picked up a pilot for a television series and asked to reschedule, according to Assistant Director of Student Activities Clint Neill. Though she would not be able to come, her agent said they would honor the contract which had stipulated no monetary exchange prior to her appearance. Programs Board lost no money and was obligated to reschedule, according to Neill. Then, she had given Programs Board eight days notice.

Less than 24 hours before her show on Sunday, Neill received a phone call from Love’s agent saying she had a “personal emergency.” When Neill pressed for more information, Love’s agent had nothing more. According to Rodezno, Love would not explain why she cancelled, nor would she answer repeated phone calls from the Programs Board.

Both Neill and Rodezno said that Programs Board has decided not to ask Love back a third time. Instead, they plan to use the $9,000 they saved for other events like World Carnival on April 21, according to Rodezno.

Though no money was lost since payment was not permitted, Neill did cite the loss of “volunteer hours and college staff time.” Additionally, Rodezno said that students who went to Love’s Facebook and Twitter an hour after she cancelled saw that she was “baking cupcakes,” though this status is not currently on either site.

Overall, Neill said, working with Love and her agent “wasn’t the easiest experience.” Regardless, “we need to move forward. Programs Board is working hard [and is working on] exciting programs to plan this year.” Rodezno agreed, and added that even without Love, “Welcome Back Weekend was an all-around success.”

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