Intramural Sports: Dodgeball

On Sept. 13, new and veteran student Dodgeball teams gathered to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge as they kicked off the intramural sports season.

Every Monday through Thursday from 8 to 11 p.m., the 26 (15 coed and 11 men’s) registered teams of six meet at their designated times to compete on the recreation practice courts of the Athletic and Recreation Center.

“We normally start the year with dodgeball, and it’s usually very popular,” said junior and intramurals supervisor Alex Brylske.  “It brings together a lot of different parts of the community.”  Many athletic teams such as men’s lacrosse, SMUT, and the swim team represent themselves in intramurals, as well as other campus organizations.

Intramurals are popular on campus because they give all students a chance to learn a game while having fun, meeting new people, and not requiring prior experience , skill, or a huge commitment.

Even though intramurals are meant to be fun and relaxed, Brylske admitted that this year forfeiting has been an issue. “A lot of people are entering and just not showing up,” he said.

Senior and intramural supervisor Jackie Reymann agreed.  “Fun is what intramurals are about.  The best teams are the ones who have fun and don’t get mad at calls and show up all the time.”

Each game is timed for 25 minutes and is officiated by volunteer student referees, who are generally members of the men’s lacrosse or baseball team, according to Brylske.

Sophomore Thor Petersen, who is starting his second year on his intramural dodgeball team, said, “I just got a group of friends together, so we saw intramurals as a fun chance to get together.  It’s one of those games you don’t get to play as a real sport, only really in gym class, so it’s cool that you can come to college and play like this.”

Sophomore Hannah Rizkallah, who is also beginning her second year playing intramurals, said her favorite part is “how it’s just chill.  You can just show up and play,” she said.  Since Rizkallah is on the varsity swim team, she likes intramurals because they give her a chance to get involved in something other than swimming without a huge commitment.  “I like that there are no practices.  It makes it really easy and fun.”

The Dodgeball season’s playoffs begin this week. Other upcoming intramurals include floor hockey, volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, flag football, and others.

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