Greetings from the New Student Trustee

Smiles and waves, St. Mary’s! For those who may not know, I am Maurielle Stewart, your Student Trustee for the 2011-2012 academic year. Some of you may have just read that, nodded, and then pretended like you knew exactly what I do—let me clarify.

As Student Trustee, I am the only student member on the Board of Trustees, the governing body of St. Mary’s College. I am the liaison between the body of trustees and the body of students, or in essence, your microphone. The trick to this is that we both need each other in order to be successful. I can help you all by doing a great job at communicating and defending your interests, but I also need your help. Please come to me with joys, concerns, or anything in between— I am receptive to any means of communication whether it is in the form of a poem, interpretive dance, or just a regular old email.

I don’t like typing the phrase “I’m a senior” let alone saying it aloud. But the reality of the situation is heavy; my time by the River is slipping away. And with that reality glaring me in the face, my mission is to do all I can to serve the St. Mary’s community and really make a difference with the time I have left.

This position will be a challenge for me, but it is also a blessing to all. It gives all of us a soapbox on which to make ourselves heard and to affect change. The expectations for this year are high! What a difference we can make if we just work together and listen to one another. I loudly encourage you all to use this opportunity and take an active interest in shaping the institution and making it your own. Have an opinion! Make it heard! Make me hear it!

Be sure to add Maurielle Student-Trustee as a “friend” on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, @trustmeTRUSTEE— I promise I won’t lead you wrong!

See you on the path,

Maurielle Stewart

P.S. Everyone please wave to your Student Trustee in Training, Alex Walls! He is studying abroad in Italy but will be back to join us next semester!

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