Urgo hosts second crab feast

Correction: This years Crab Feast was the second held at President Urgo’s house, not the second annual Crab Feast as originally reported.

On Saturday, Sept. 23, the annual Crab Feast was held at College President Joseph Urgo’s house for the second year in order to benefit the senior class.

Despite the rain that poured for most of the afternoon, the feast carried on with many happy students either expertly picking apart the Maryland Blue Crabs or helping out friends by coaching them in a popular Maryland pastime.

Although 90 tickets were bought at $25 apiece, roughly 150 people attended the event, according Class of 2012 President Stephon Dingle. He said, “there was a big turnout. A lot of people brought friends.”

To block out the rain, white tents were erected around the two separate sitting areas, as well as over the main line where attendees were able to pick up a dozen crabs, drinks, sides, vinegar and Old Bay seasoning. Holiday string lights lined the tents, and guests, as well as Urgo, commented on the festive look of the event.

Dingle stated there were 95 dozen crabs purchased for the event, which roughly equates to 17 or 18 bushels. He also mentioned that the amount of money raised for the senior class has not been totaled as of yet. An unverified source, though, said that it was only $200. This would not help the Class of 2012, which is already low on cash.

While the seating was limited and difficult to find during the big rush from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., many students decided to bag their crabs and take them home. Those who stayed, though, were able to watch the sun slowly set over Urgo’s dock, which sits on the St. Mary’s River across from the school, as they enjoyed the company of other students and staff members.

“I thought it was really nice,” said senior Jackie Reymann, who also proudly declared that she accomplished eating all twelve of her crabs by herself. “I like that it is at Jurgo’s. It was nice to sit down and be with friends while eating crabs.”

In order to accommodate for the number of people coming to and from the event throughout the night, there was a shuttle that conveniently carried attendees from Daughtery-Palmer Commons on-campus to the front steps of Urgo’s home.

President Urgo was also pleased to host the event at his house for the second year in a row. “We love it,” he said. “After last year, we looked forward to it.”

Urgo also stated that it was great to be able to see the senior class and have them all get together, as well as saying that it was the “first of many interactions” with the seniors for the rest of the school year.

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