Club Spotlight: Take One! Improv

During his freshman year, Brooks Schandelmeier, who is now a senior and the manager of the club, joined Take One! Improv because he thought he could easily become the best in show. Though he has become one of the club’s lead performers over the last three years, he learned immediately how wrong his initial thought was, and how tough mastering the art can be.

The College’s Take One! Improv club is a student-run group that performs comedy shows based off improvisation. Instead of having a scripted performance, the members have games with certain rules, words, or actions that usually involve audience suggestions, and they come up with material on the spot.

“I went to a couple of the shows, and after I joined I realized how hard it was, but I finally got good at it after a while,” Schandelmeier said.

Senior and president of the club Shannon Nabors also joined the club her freshman year. “I had done it in high school, and I went to the recruitment show over my orientation weekend. I really enjoyed it so I figured I should join,” she said.

Though the show has been done over orientation weekends in the past, this year, the club performed their first show after the first week of classes. “[This way] it gives more people more time to sign up if they’re interested, and it’s after club fair,” said Nabors, who was pleased with how the first show, on Sept. 2, turned out.

Nabors also encourages everyone to come out and try it. Though the meetings have already begun, “it’s an open group, so anyone can join if they want. Practices are casual and we are there to have fun,” she said.

Schandelmeier also mentioned the fun aspect of the club. “No matter what mood I’m in, I can come here and I feel better. It’s the highlight of my week,” he said.

Sophomore and treasurer Ben Israel, who joined the group last year, likes Improv because “it’s not typical. I always wanted to get into performing and I figured this was the easiest way,” he said.

With a new season underway, Schandelmeier says he is most excited for all the new people. “It’s always good to see new people. I’m also excited to come up with new games and bring new games into the club.”

Israel is also excited for the new members. “There were not as many new people last year, so it could really add [to the club].”

Scheduled shows for this fall include Sept. 23 and Oct. 28, both of which are Friday nights, in Cole Cinema. Club practices take place on Wednesdays from 9 to 11 p.m. and Sundays from 6 to 8 p.m. in Upper Montgomery Hall.

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