Club Spotlight: Burlesque Club

This semester, SMCM proudly welcomes a newly formed club: The Burlesque Club. The club was created by students who were involved in recent graduate Helen Coy’s Burlesque show which was done to complete her SMP (Saint Mary’s Project) last year.

Although the club is open to every student, Burlesque will also hold separate interviews for students interested in performing in a burlesque show that is likely to take place at the end of fall or spring semester. The Burlesque Club will offer these accepted students the chance to experience the thrill that came to those who were a part of the last Burlesque performance, but the club hopes to leave a positive effect on each of its members. Sophomore Aimée Becker, one of the club’s co-founders, states that “every girl who performed in the Burlesque show gained confidence and grew to accept their bodies.” The Burlesque Club wishes to do the same for its members.

However, Burlesque Club hopes to achieve more with their members than what was experienced in the show. While the show emphasized self-confidence for the participants, Burlesque Club wants its members to appreciate the artistic values of Burlesque. “Burlesque is more than just body positivity, it is an art form,” said Becker. The club will include workshops for the students, where they can learn about feeling good about their bodies, learn the art of making pasties, and watch documentaries and other films about Burlesque.

Many students on campus believe that Burlesque Club will be a positive influence on the campus. Sophomore Maggie Schmidt, who assisted with sound for the Burlesque show and hopes to assist and perform with the club, said, “It’s very important to have a club that celebrates the female figure and for people on campus to know that they’re beautiful.” Junior Michelle Steahl, a member of the club, said that Burlesque “is empowering…a person could always do with more confidence.” Although when and where the club meets is still unknown, Burlesque Club’s president, sophomore Kaitlyn Kistler, is happy to answer any questions that anyone might have.

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