Artist Spotlight: Christopher Murk

Upon entering St. Mary’s, senior Christopher Murk was unaware of the impact he would have on the theater department as a dedicated Theater Studies major. As a transfer student from Carroll Community College located in Westminster, Christopher was unsure of the path he would take at St. Mary’s.

Murk began his educational career as an English major and it wasn’t until a professional contact in SMCM led him to theater that he began to take a stronger interest in the art. Once Murk became more involved in theater, he came to the realization that “this is what I want to do.” Now Murk has been performing for over 10 years and has assisted with and starred in over 15 plays such as Mother Hicks and The Bald Soprano. Both were featured at SMCM’s Bruce Davis Theater.

Murk had to practice to establish himself as a good performer and stage manager. He says of his first audition, “I didn’t really know what I was doing.” But now he understands that perfecting theater means “copious rehearsals” and “balancing your free time.” His colleague and fellow TFMS student, Jonathan Wagner said, “He is 100% dedicated to the productions he works on, and is set on bringing whatever he can to the table for them.” Murk has become an excellent example of how hard work pays off.

Some people believe that performing in front of a live audience would be intimidating. Murk replies with a smile, “Not for me.” According to Murk, performing brings a fun adrenaline rush. However, he does prepare for a play by rehearsing his lines and “situating [himself] as a character and placing [himself] in their thoughts.” Wagner said, “He is always prepared and always focused on the goal.”

Murk and his colleagues agree that becoming a Theater Studies major was one of the best decisions he has made. It is clear that SMCM will be seeing more of Murk, including a performance in the theater department’s upcoming play As You Like It.

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