Margaret Brent Relocation a Success

September 27, 2011 tmschafer 0

Minutes before midnight on Sept. 13, crowds of students gathered in anticipation to witness the move of Margaret Brent Hall across Route 5 to its new location, the Campus Center parking lot behind Aldom Lounge.

Urgo hosts second crab feast

September 27, 2011 jlschroeder 0

On Saturday, Sept. 23, the second annual Crab Feast was held at College President Joseph Urgo’s house in order to benefit the senior class. Despite the rain that poured for most of the afternoon, the feast carried on with many happy students either expertly picking apart the Maryland Blue Crabs or helping out friends by coaching them in a popular Maryland pastime.

"Divided We Fall" Film and Director Bring Message of Tolerance

September 27, 2011 malpert 0

Four days after the September 11 terrorist attacks by radical Islamists from the Middle East, a self-proclaimed American “patriot” retaliated by murdering an Arizona gas station owner—a native of India whose Sikh religion required him to wear a turban. Although the victim was a stranger to then 20-year-old Valarie Kaur, she shared his religion, and the senseless murder so shook her that she spent the next four days holed up in her room, escaping in the world of Harry Potter. But on the fifth day, Kaur decided that she needed to respond, and she wound up spending the next eight years completing a documentary.

Resolution Encourages Grind to Stop Serving Chick-fil-A

September 27, 2011 efkelley 0

As a result of student outcry, The Daily Grind stopped serving Chick-fil-A for this school year. Richard Wagner, Manager of the Campus Store, said, “we support the SGA (Student Government Association) resolution that passed last spring which urged us to sever all business ties with Chick-fil-A before the start of the 2011-2012 school year. Therefore, we discontinued the program.”

River Center Introduces New Hours, Now More Available to Students

September 27, 2011 msmaldone 0

As of September 12, the James P. Muldoon River Center is available to the St. Mary’s community during the evening. This pilot program will keep the building open every night from 5 to 11 PM, but these hours will alternate each day between being reserved for student or faculty events and being open for study hall.

Zylak Holds First Open Hour; Discusses Public Safety Commissions

September 27, 2011 dchase 0

On Friday September 23, Interim Director of Public Safety Dave Zylak held the first of a regular open hour at the Campus Center to address student concerns about Public Safety’s pending police commissions. A dozen students attended and asked questions about the commissions, sexual assault, and officer training.

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Gender neutral housing on its way to St. Mary's

September 27, 2011 dchase 0

For several years, the notion of gender neutral housing has been tossed around campus at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. However last spring former Student Government Association (SGA) president Marlena Weiss and the rest of the SGA passed a notion showing their unanimous support of this new housing, according to current SGA President Mark Snyder. Progress was being made to make this a reality until Weiss graduated last May.“[Weiss] and [Assistant Director of Residence Life] Kelly Smolinsky worked together on this for awhile,” Director of Residence Life and Associate Dean of Students Joanne Goldwater said. “But they didn’t progress as quickly as I thought it would.”

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SGA elections begin

September 27, 2011 dchase 0

Student Government Association (SGA) elections began this Friday September 23 and will run through Thursday September 29. Although there have been a plethora of students who have started campaigning, a large amount of positions remain open.