What New Students Should Know About Public Safety

I think the 5 most important things new students should know are:

  1. Public Safety will be taking a hard stance on alcohol related offenses, drug offenses, and sexual misconduct.
  2. All students bringing bicycles this year will be required to have their bikes engraved (and please lock your bike when it’s left unattended).
  3. If you have a late or very early class and have to travel through some of the more remote areas of campus, you should walk with a friend or a group of friends. If that’s not possible and you are uncomfortable walking alone, please call Public Safety for an escort.
  4. If you have a car on campus, keep it locked and don’t leave valuables in the vehicle.
  5. When you leave your room, lock your door, take your key with you, and don’t lend your key out to anyone.

New students should know that our campus is generally a safe campus but they should use some common sense rules of safety, such as traveling in pairs, locking doors, not giving out PINs or passwords, and always being aware of their surroundings.

If you’re under 21 it is against the law to possess and/or consume alcoholic beverages. If you’re over 21, it is against the law to give anyone under 21 alcohol.

New students should know that parking passes are issued for a particular parking lot and they should only park in the lot for which the sticker is valid.

I always expect the Public Safety Officers to treat everyone the way they would like to be treated and I think students should live by that same rule. The officers are tasked with enforcing the rules of the College and the laws of the state and they are sometimes seen as the “bad guy,” but they deserve the same respect they give.

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