News in Brief: The Pub Opens

Because of the success of the pilot program last spring semester, the Pub’s late night food option will officially open for business Thursday, September 1. Though only food will be served at its opening, the Pub will begin serving alcohol a week later on Thursday, September 8.

Over the summer, staff worked to create a sporty atmosphere to the aptly named Pub, with new furniture, walls, and paneling; the intention was to eliminate the “LQ Rec Room” feel and replace it with the ambience of a typical pub. A bar was also built – the front is paneled with barn wood and the top is made from a tree that fell in front of Calvert, according to Bon Appetit Director of Operations Dave Sansotta, and a photo of the tree will be displayed prominently.

Along with the renovations, the menu for the Pub has also been altered. Now, the Pub will also serve burgers, fries, chicken wings as well as healthier options like a garden salad with a choice for chicken, pita and hummus, and deserts like cookies and brownies. The whole menu hasn’t been revamped, though, Sansotta said. “We kept the burritos; that was a big thing,” he added.

The alcohol options have expanded, too: two taps have been installed and National Bohemian will definitely flow from one. The other is currently up in the air but according to Sansotta, will probably have Coors Light or Bud Light. The Pub will still have bottles of beer, and while the brands haven’t been finalized, Samuel Adams Octoberfest is an almost certain option. In addition to beer, the Pub will serve a white and a red wine and a non-alcoholic beer, most likely O’Douls.

With the expansion of the Pub, the organization of the Grab and Go has changed, with the meals being made and packaged for students (as opposed to going into the kitchen and grabbing your own food). The menu isn’t likely to change though, nor are the hours.

Food and alcohol still cannot be purchased at the Pub with blocks or flex; only debit and cash can be used. The Pub is open Thursdays through Saturdays from 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM and late night food will be open from 5:00 PM until 2:00 AM.

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