Margaret Brent Relocation Confirmed for Mid-September Date

In September, former Business Affairs office location Margaret Brent Hall will be moved on trucks across Route 5.

Announced in the Fall 2010 Planning and Facilities Newsletter, Margaret Brent Hall, the former home of the Business Affairs office before its exodus to Glendening Hall in Spring 2009, will be lifted from its former foundation near Anne Arundel Hall and placed in a designated area in what was once part of the Campus Center parking lot near the Aldom Lounge. In a speech to Waring Commons residents Aug. 29, College President Joe Urgo confirmed the relocation time of 2 a.m. on Sept. 12, the same date scheduled for the move before Hurricane Irene passed over St. Mary’s.

“I’m excited to see the move,” said Urgo. “I’m making sure to take a nap beforehand so I can stay up late for it.”

While the building is being moved late in the night to avoid as much traffic on Route 5 as possible, extra steps are being taken to prepare Margaret Brent for crossing the road. Before the night of Sept. 12, the entire building will be placed on the large transportation trucks so that the physical move can begin on time. Once set on its new foundation, the building will be inspected for stress fractures or other damages incurred during the move.

After the move takes place, Margaret Brent will undergo facilities design and renovation in preparation for its intended use as an academic building. In a presentation to Residence Life staff before the start of the semester, Facilities Planner and Sustainability Coordinator Luke Mowbray discussed potential repair of the building after the move as well as plans for wiring and sewage.
“The trench you see now is where we’re running a sewer line,” said Mowbray. “We’re also making room for a new ramp and sidewalk,” which reflect the building’s new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Guidelines approval. The ADA accessible walkway will run from the Campus Center parking lot to the north side of the Campus Center.
The interior of the building will also be modified, to include 12 offices, a lobby, a kitchenette and mail room, a 30-seat classroom, and a seminar room, according to the Office of Planning and Facilities webpage.

On September 9, a gravel parking lot will be placed near the current Campus Center parking lot in light of Margaret Brent’s new location. The current parking lot outside of the Campus Center will be expanded in the summer and fall of 2013 to make up for the loss of existing parking lots on the historic campus, due to the construction of Anne Arundel Hall. Upon completion the new lots will also be used by the Historic St. Mary’s Visitor Center to allow for additional parking which is now accommodated in a lot outside of Anne Arundel. Parking lots immediately surrounding Anne Arundel will be transformed into staging areas in June 2013 for construction vehicles during the demolition and construction process. The total expected cost of the project is $36,374,000.

The Margaret Brent relocation marks the completion of another of the College’s Capital Projects, which include the Anne Arundel Hall Replacement Project, the Route 5 Traffic Calming Project, and the Historic St. Mary’s City Woodshop and Storage Building Projects. Margaret Brent is expected to be the new location for the Philosophy and Religious Studies departments.

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