First-years, What Did You Enjoy Most About Your Orientation?

Allegra Garrett

I don’t know. I just loved meeting new people, especially when we were locked in for the hurricane.

Amy Maenner

Sex Signals. It was hilarious

Jamie Ignowski

Sex Signals and our OLs. My least favorite part was definitely the cyber seminar.

Angela Cirillo

Definitely meeting new people. Probably moving into my dorm and making it feel like home.

Kyriakos Filipakis

The best part I guess would be my group leaders. Just cause they’re awesome… they were so worried about us and protective of us, like we were their children.

A.J. Norby

Everything’s been great. I can’t think of anything that hasn’t been fun.

Samantha Feller
Poly Sci

Sex Signals…was good. I wasn’t really sure what to expect [but] it was a lot of fun.

Terrence Thrwett
Public Policy and Econ

The aspect of meeting new friends. Initially I thought coming to college was very hard…but the people here are so much better than Baltimore. Everybody’s so nice.

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