New SGA Executive Board for 2011-2012 Officially Sworn In

Last week the results of the election were sent out by all-student email.  The winners were: Mark Snyder, President, Katherine Monahan, Vice President, Kevin Paul, Treasurer, and Francis Rodezno, Director of Campus Programming.  Even though the academic year is coming to a close, these student leaders have already been planning for SGA next year.

Snyder believes that one of the problems with the student body is it is apathetic to SGA issues.  “People don’t know what SGA is,” said Snyder, who then explained how by changing publicity methods the SGA could reach more students.

“We have great ideas but we have to access people who don’t get to come out,” said Snyder, “the SGA must become more active.”

Monahan and Rodezno both have their personal ideas about the directions of SGA in the coming year.  “Start planning bigger projects, including GMSRF and green initiatives” was one of the major desires for Monahan.

Rodezno states that he wanted to “get the name Programs Board out to the student body,” while educating students about how much Programs Board is present in their lives on campus.

When ask what the biggest problem the SGA faces in the coming year, the budget was on everyone’s mind. Even after the recent fee increase, the budget will be a major concern since the fee increase will not become official until the following academic year. “Students may be under the impression that the increase has happened” said Monahan; however, the SGA will be faced with some hard choices throughout this coming year.

Even on top of the looming budget, there is a lot of excitement building as these students prepare themselves for the responsibility of leadership.


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