Dove and The Point News Merge, Now The Point News Publications

At the last Student Government Association (SGA) meeting of the semester, The Point News submitted a new constitution that would include The Dove Yearbook under its wings. The new media group, The Point News Publications, will now produce both the bi-weekly newspaper and the yearbook. This shift is the final outcome of conversations regarding The Dove’s future that started in the fall of 2010.

Some may remember the poll last year that surveyed the student body on whether The Dove should move to an all digital database rather than continue as a printed publication.  According to Kelly Schroeder, Assistant Dean of Students, this poll was an effort to solve some of the problems with finances, support and infrastructure that The Dove was having. The Dove had been struggling with finding any students to work on producing the entire publication, placing ads, and securing enough material about events on campus.

While the poll about the move to digital revealed to Schroeder that “we weren’t quite ready for digital” at the time, The Dove still needed more support and help in order to keep a strong identity as a printed publication. Paying students to work on The Dove as editors was one way to draw students in; however, ultimately The Dove was costing the SGA money to produce rather than sustaining itself, and, as Schroeder said, “the yearbook shouldn’t fall to the Office of Student Activities; it’s a student publication.” When editors of The Dove approached The Point News staff about using their photo archives to help cover more events on campus, The Point News staff began brainstorming about how to help The Dove.

At the SGA meeting that passed the bill junior Dave Chase, managing editor of The Point News, pointed out how The Dove was “about to run out of funding … students had to come in during the summer and work on it without much support. This merge is an opportunity to solve these issues and add to our own portfolio.” All involved agreed that the shift will lead to a much improved final product. Editor-in-Chief senior Jaclyn Fiackos said that before, “there were only three of us working hard to get to all events on campus,” and without The Point News involvement, “I don’t even know if there would be a good yearbook” at the end of the year. She believed that the shift would keep The Dove’s essential identity but allow for much better quality.

The new constitution of The Point News Publications allows for another paid editor position to just work on The Dove. However, the shift is still going to save the SGA a considerable amount of money and still produce a better quality record of student life and activities on campus. New ideas that were proposed were for there to be an online section of the yearbook, shared advertising resources for The Dove and The Point News, and more collaboration about how to be a true historical record of the College.


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