College Plans Several Renovations, Projects for Summer 2011

As the semester is coming to a close and students plan their summers, the Office of Planning and Facilities are making plans for their own projects.  According to Chip Jackson, associate vice president of planning and facilities, it is going to be a busy summer.

The major project planned for this summer will be Margaret Brent Hall.  After several years of talks and excavations,  Margaret Brent will be moved from its present location behind Anne Arundel Hall to the parking lot next to the Campus Center.  Margaret Brent will be the future home of the Departments of Philosophy and Religious Studies.  The move is thought to be a more economically sound choice since it will cost less to move the building then building a new one.

Jackson could not elaborate on a date other than by saying that the move will take place in June or July.  “Once [the date is] known we will publicized [it]” said Jackson, “be sure to check the website during the summer.”

Lewis Quad will also be the focus of a lot of attention. First, the LQ Eatery will open officially in its new renovated form. There has been a lot of discussions about what the space will look like.  “[It] will be very different,” Jackson commented.

Planning and Facilities has also been considering a redesign of the LQ courtyard.  “No one seems to like the gravel” said Jackson as he discussed how it might be removed.  At this time, Jackson could not expand on what form the courtyard will take since several more meetings still have to take place.  “This is a goal” remarked Jackson.

Two other projects on campus will be the renovating of the Townhouse Greens’ bathrooms and new sidewalks in several location around campus. Jackson alluded that the bathrooms in the Greens are long overdue for renovating.

In several locations, the sidewalks will be remodeled as well. This includes between Glendenning, Montgomery, and Schaefer Halls and between Goodpaster Hall and the Michael P O’Brien Athletic and Recreation Center.  These projects include putting more brick paths down while removing the concrete sidewalks that already exist. According to Jackson, the funds for these changes are coming from the state, not the College’s budget.

The sidewalk between St. John’s Pond and the Library will also be expanded to take account of the high levels of traffic along the path.  This will also help solve the problem of the muddy space that can be found along the entire path up to the Library. This project will be using College funding.

The last major task of the summer will be redesigns for Route 5.  Officially called the “Route 5 Safety and Traffic Calming Project,” this project is planned to make the crossings safer for students. “There will be a lot of community interest in this project,” said Jackson, “we want the students, who are also members of the community, to engage with us during this project.”

The project, which will be federally funded, is suppose to slow traffic that are driving along the bend in Route 5. According to Jackson, the designing will begin in the fall. The plans for this project are still in the air and Planning and Facilities are looking for student input.

“We need students,” said Jackson, “so please voice your opinions.” There will be several public meetings planned in the fall that students will be able to attend.


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