Students Showcase Their Own Playlists at this Year’s Dance Show

The biannual St. Mary’s College Dance Club showcase occurred this month on April 7, 8, and 9 in order to showcase the hard work, as well as the fun, that the members of the Dance Club have put into their respective dances during the weeks of this Spring semester.

Beginning the night off with the traditional introduction from the club’s president, currently junior Maurielle Stewart, who acknowledged that the Dance Club is a way that various different types of people on campus can come together and have fun. “We’re all rolled together with our desire to dance,” said Stewart.

With the theme this semester of “Dance to Your Own Playlist,”  the show was compiled of twenty-two student-choreographed performances, including five senior spotlights that showcased the dancing abilities of nine of the club’s graduating seniors.

“After I graduate,” said Stewart, “I don’t have a choice but to continue dancing! Dance has been a part of my life since I can remember and it just wouldn’t be right to stop. My spirit won’t let me stop dancing.”

The show consisted of a large spectrum of genres including belly dancing, hip-hop, contemporary/modern, and jazz. Not only did all of the dancers look excited to be dancing on stage in front of their fellow students and friends, but they also looked much more professional with the increase of catalog-purchased costumes, instead of the homemade ones of years past.

Along with the increased number of fouetté turns attempted and the incredibly impressive intermission acts performed by groups from outside of the Dance Club, there also seemed to be a large increase in creativity within the choreography this semester.

“My favorite dance was either ‘Mario Kombat’ because it was very entertaining and creative or the ‘Reach and Feel my Heartbeat’ dance because it was so powerful and intense, both the dancing and the message,” said junior Emily Sillcox, who has been a part of the Dance Club for these past two years.

First-year Kia Krondorfer, who received the chance to choreograph the final number of the dance show, said, “It gave me a chance to be creative. For my choreography I wanted to do a dance where the audience built a relationship with the dancers and became fully involved with the dance as a whole.”

Despite the fact that some criticize Dance Club’s end of the semester shows of upperclassmen favoritism, it still gives the chance for different types of students from all over the St. Mary’s campus to come together, meet friends, and have fun.

Not only can it be a great physical and emotional experience, but it also can help students in other ways. Sillcox said, “I joined Dance Club because I love dance and it gives me an opportunity to dance regularly. Dance also helps me deal with the stress of homework and school, if only for an hour at a time.”

With her first term of being Dance Club president finished, Stewart excitedly awaits for next year’s new challenges. “I knew about all my responsibilities beforehand,” said Stewart, “but juggling so many tasks was much more difficult once I sprung into action….  I met so many amazing people, served a club that has tremendously cultivated my artistic talents, and learned a lot about leadership in the process. The experience was invaluable and I’m glad to do it again for two more semesters!”


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