Sarah ‘Sadie’ Pyles Remembered at St. Mary’s as a Genuine Soul

Earlier in the semester, the campus community was stricken with shock at the loss of a student whom everyone knew for brightening up their day on the path, in the classroom, and during her shift at The Daily Grind.

Sophomore Sarah “Sadie” Pyles’ passing has truly had an impact on students and faculty as she was remarkable individual in every sense of the word.

At the memorial service held at the College, friends and family reminisced with one another and shared their memories and thoughts of Sadie.

Throughout the evening, individuals described her as “sweet,” “impulsive,” and a “die hard Lady Gaga fan.”

She had “empathy for the underdog” and, as one friend put it, “we could go into a gas station and she’d always be overdressed.”

Sadie’s friends and family remarked how she would always be smiling, how she would always be there for you regardless of whether or not she knew you, and she’d always be game for making a quesadilla on her quesadilla-maker which was nicknamed Alejandro.

One student, Junior Kate Brown, shared the first time she met Sadie: “I was crying and I really didn’t know any of the people I was with and she walked in, looked at me, and said, ‘I’m just going to hug you, okay’?” said Brown.

“Then she made me a quesadilla.”

Sophomore Patty Romaine, Sarah’s roommate, had a similar story about living with Sadie. Romaine said, “even when I got mad at her for leaving her socks lying around on the floor, she made me a sock puppet.”

One of her closest friends even said that there was a time she remembered when Sadie randomly showed up at her college on a surprise visit and demanded that she go out with her:

“Sadie said, ‘you will put on these pants and you will go out with me.’ Sure enough, I put on those pants and I went with her.”

Her friends and family at the service remembered her as determined, thoughtful, vibrant and always smiling.

They added she always worked extremely hard to be as adventurous as humanly possible and to live her life to the fullest.

According to President Joseph Urgo, who also spoke at the service, Sarah’s flash drive had a quote by Gandhi on it: “live as if you were to die tomorrow,” which he felt summed her up.

Sophomore Delia Rose, emcee for the event, said she had been deeply affected by her friendship with Sadie.

She added, during her closing remarks, “it’s not often at this age that you meet someone, and make friends with them, who makes you learn so much about yourself.”


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