New Bill to Curb Amount of All-Student Emails

In less than three minutes on Tuesday, April 5, the Student Government Association (SGA) voted to limit the amount of all school emails that clubs will be able to send out. The bill, which had already been discussed by the SGA, received no opposition.

The bill itself, sponsored by SGA President Marlena Weiss, states that, “All club leaders will no longer have access to all school emails.” The legislation also means to encourage club advisors to not to send out emails to all students and also states “that an improved events calendar will be created by CTSS with automatic email capabilities which will synthesize all previous all student emails into a single email on a weekly basis.”

Caroline Hall Senator Anna Weil said, “I think the main reason people are doing it is because students just delete the emails anyway.  This is not only just to limit the amount of emails people receive, but also to make a more organized way of delivering information so more people will come to events.”

She also said, “I think it’s a good idea, I think at the very least club leaders will find that they have the same amount of attendance as before.”

However, not all students are in agreement. First year Beth Smith said, “We’ve gotten so used to checking out emails, I don’t think I will want to go out of my way to check a different website.”

In regard to whether or not she actually read all of the emails, Smith said, “I may not read all the emails, but I know what I’m interested in, at the very least I read through all the subject lines to make sure I’m not deleting anything important.”

However, the bill recently passed will try to take into account how successful it will be and states, “This policy will be revised based upon effectiveness at the SGA Executive Board’s discretion in consultation with the SGA Senate” and more specifically that it will run six weeks before being evaluated.

These changes will not affect a Senator’s ability to send emails to their constituents, which is one of the ways they are allowed to fulfill the requirement detailed in the constitution that states they “shall be responsible for communicating with his/her constituents either through some form of mass communication … at least twice a month.”

Meetings for SGA are every Tuesday at 8 p.m., with student speakout for those interested in presenting their opinions to the general assembly. For those who are really interested in taking part in SGA, applications, according to an email to all students, are due on April 22 and elections will be on April 28.


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