Dance Club: The Good, The Bad… No, Just the Ugly

Everyone knows that Dance Show is one of the most popular events on campus. Every semester Dance Show draws in hundreds of attendees, all expecting an exhibition of student-choreographed work that displays an artistic side of the SMCM student body that’s not often seen in the classrooms and lecture halls.  Dance Show is generally good for the campus, but internally it looks like a mix between a bad Tyler Perry film and a three-ring circus. There are kinks within Dance Club that need to be worked out if people are to continue supporting one of SMCM’s favorite traditions.

1) Favoritism: From the choreographers that are selected for the show, to “pre-selecting” friends to use in their dances (even though it’s prohibited), to “Exec Board Members” and choreographers treating friends fairly while others get the finger, favoritism runs rampant through Dance Club.  The fact is, fairness means treating everyone the same, judging dancers based on the choreography and their skill levels, and giving HONEST critiques for everyone.  Picking buddies for a dance, or showing certain people extra attention or praise alienates the other dancers, and makes the whole operation look like its in cahoots. Get it together!

2) Attitude: Another problem is the way dancers and tech crew are being treated.  Choreographers and Exec Board members shouldn’t be insulting, yelling and cursing at dancers or tech crew! It’s not necessary. What will come out of screaming at a dancer for not pointing a toe correctly? Quitting the dance and making a trip to a therapist maybe, but nothing good. Dance Club is not the New York City Ballet! Whether choreographing for fun or to put something on your resume, disrespecting dancers isn’t the way to win the “Best Choreography Award” at the Tony’s. Similarly, being rude to the tech crew (people that help as a favor, by the way) will only lead to a music-less, tech crew-less show… Pretty boring.  There’s a way to lead and teach without being volatile or unpleasant to others.  Remember:  Unless you’re getting paid for it, or your life depends on it, you should probably relax.

3) Personal Issues: Favoritism and Attitude are good ways to slide into this problem of bringing personal issues center stage. Sometimes people that don’t like each other end up in Dance Club together–DUH. That’s life! We end up in class, at work, or at social events with people that grind our gears all the time! But turning Dance Show into an episode of Maury isn’t going to help productivity, especially during tech week. The whole ordeal is already tiresome, strenuous, and time-consuming. Why make things worse? Dance Show is about dance, and dance only. Leave smart remarks, eye-rollin’ and childish behavior off the dance floor.

Yes, working with other people can be very stressful, and at times evil demons come out when we least expect them.  But for the sake of everything DANCE, I just hope Dance Club cleans that up so that the behind-the-scenes attitudes and behavior match the enthusiasm and positivity that students bring to the show every semester.


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