News in Brief: Internet Speed Doubles

George Waggoner, Director of Campus Technology Support Services, confirmed that on Feb. 15, St. Mary’s Technology Services and the University of Maryland Academic Telecommunications System (UMATS) successfully connected using a 100 MB/s internet line installed by Verizon two weeks ago. The connection fulfills services first requested one year ago.

Waggoner said the delay in announcement allowed Technology Services to test campus internet usage under ‘normal’ conditions yesterday, before students were aware of the increased speed.

He says the campus never used more the full capacity but expects that once students realize they can stream videos and other media content, the campus may use all 100 MB/s at peak hours.

The connection uses a more expensive Ethernet Private Line (EPL) instead of the originally requested Transport Land Service (TLS).

The 100 MB/s connection is more than double the previous 45 MB/s connection.

The increased speed was first requested by St. Mary’s technology services more than a year ago.


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