Men’s Baseball Shows Great Promise

Though the 2010 baseball season left something to be desired for St. Mary’s fans, the Seahawks seemed to have turned things around. This year, 22 games into the season with at least 12 left to go, St. Mary’s has a winning record with 13 wins and nine losses, and is 6-6 in conference play, a considerable upswing from last year’s final record.

In 2010, the Seahawks had a 9-24 season and lost their last eight games, five of which were at home. However, 2011 already seems like a more promising season; the Seahawks have won their last three games, all away, against York College of Pennsylvania.

Sophomore pitcher Wick Eisenberg said, “This season has been a drastic improvement from last year. We already have more wins than we did last year, have a .500 record in the conference and all around have been playing much better baseball. So far, the team has been very pleased with our progress.”

Though there have been some considerable losses, such as their 11-1 loss against Salisbury on March 5, the Seahawks have also chalked up some incredible wins. In both of their games on Feb. 19 in the Hawk’s Nest against City College of New York, which ended in seven innings each, St. Marys dominated.

In the first game, the Seahawks home opener for which President Joseph Urgo threw the first pitch, St. Mary’s scored seven runs with two outs in the first inning, and only progressed from there. Senior second baseman Matt Baden, senior first baseman Ian Simpson-Shelton, and first-year first baseman Alex Lenovitz each had four RBIs.

The final score was 25-2, with two triples and seven doubles. In their second game, the Seahawks drove in 10 runs for a 10-6 win in seven innings.

Since those two wins, St. Mary’s has had 10 more wins and seven losses, including their most recent three game domination over York.

Another important win for the Seahawks was a 5-1 victory in the first game in the Hawk’s Nest against their rival, No. 21 Salisbury University. Though they lost the next two games at Salisbury, Eisenberg described this as a huge win for the Seahawks, saying “Salisbury, a big rival of ours, was ranked in the top 25 heading into the game, and our ace [sophomore] Devon Jerrard pitched a complete game gem, leading us to a 5-1 victory.”

When thinking about the future, Eisenberg said, “Going forward, our main goal is to continue winning. If we do this, a lot falls into place for us; we can qualify for the CAC playoffs, and go deep in the tournament, possibly winning it.

We have pitchers in Jerrard, [junior] Mike Victory, and [senior] Barret Enix, who can pitch as well as anyone in the conference, and hitters like [sophomore] Corey Napier, [senior] Matt Baden, [senior] Bobby Corton who can produce for us in big games, so if those key players continue to step up for us, winning should be simple.”

On March 22, the Seahawks play Washington College at 3:00 PM in the Hawk’s Nest.


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