Comedian Serves Up Laughs

On Friday, Feb. 25, comedian Jen Kober provided a healthy helping of humor to St. Mary’s students and staff.

Standing on the St. Mary’s Hall stage, Programs Board Comedian Chair Francis Rodezno gave his usual introduction for Kober, who has been featured on comedy specials for Comedy Central and Showtime.

Kober began her routine by commenting on students’ hometowns. One student mentioned he was from Massachusetts to which Kober said there was “a Dunkin Donuts on every corner.”

She then made jokes about playing video games, particularly her experiences with playing Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and Xbox Kinect. After the stories on video games, Kober talked about the stereotypes of Wal-Mart shoppers.

Kober even quipped that her jokes offend these shoppers because one shopper said, “my momma was killed by falling prices!”

Kober then moved into her childhood eating habits, particularly her affinity for cheese. She joked about how she would have to eat all 72 pieces of cheese at once and then convince her mother that she didn’t buy any cheese.

Kober’s signature phrase, “skinny b***h,” was used throughout the night as she as engaged in playful banter with two female students and described her roommate as one too.

First-year Emma Hiner was one of the people Kober referred to as a ‘skinny b***h.’

Hiner said “I thought she was hilarious” and that she “felt right at home with the comment.”

In addition to female audience members, Kober engaged the audience with a few racial stereotypes and her unique Louisiana perspective and attitude.

She then spoke of her travels through Lancaster, PA and the traffic problems caused by Amish horses and buggies.

Kober also talked about the experiences of living with her recently divorced brother, who did a lot of “singing.”

She also joked about her love of Law and Order, using fruit punch and Kool-Aid as drink mixers, and buying a New Orleans house right before Hurricane Katrina.

Sophomore Alex Walls said Kober was “really good, [and] really funny…I think we should bring her back.”

Kober concluded her stand-up with a story about her Las Vegas show, where a female audience member she referred to as a ‘skinny b***h’ pulled a pocket-knife on her in the parking lot.

Senior Jes Harvey, Director of Programs Board, said “I love her; she’s amazing…by far one of our favorites.” Harvey also said she was “wearing my ‘skinny b***h’ hat to show support” for Kober.

Kober’s last line was how she’d prefer overweight people to be described as “hard to kidnap.”


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