Ask Miss Meghan: Spring Break Ideas?

Dear Miss Meghan,

My friends have all been talking about Spring Break plans but I am low on cash. Any travel ideas to make my spring break enjoyable this year?

-Ready for Sun

Dear Sun,

I just received an email today asking about spring break, and safe spring break tips for students.

I then proceed to fantasize about how nice it would be to go on vacation, get sunburned (I’m so fair skinned it is ridiculous), read a good book, and feel sand between my toes.

Five minutes later I realized I was still sitting at my desk and was rather disappointed, but I appreciated the mini-mental vacation.

However, locally, or within a few hours drive, we have some great locations that you can go to escape.

Maryland’s Department of Natural resources has a great list of local beaches and parks for swimming, hiking, beach bumming, and camping.

Know that the further down the coast you go, the warmer it will be, so balance that with cost and time.

Going home or going to visit a friend at a college with a different spring break are great options, or you can volunteer and do a bit of resume building.

While it may seem that “everyone” is going someplace fun for spring break, know that many of your peers will be job searching, working on SMPs, working at home or on campus, playing Wii at home with family, just catching up on sleep, or catching up with friends who go to different schools.

Most college students don’t have, and can’t afford, the MTV version of spring break, and that is okay.

Using the time to relax and catch up on work will probably feel better than having to come back to campus exhausted and wishing for another break.

We also face having St. Patrick’s Day over the course of Spring Break.

The Americanized version of a religious holiday has become synonymous with drinking green beer, wearing wonderfully tacky green clothes (yes, I own shamrock shoes), and excessive and unhealthy binge drinking.

As an Irish ginger (yes, I just referred to myself as a ginger, I’ll own it) I feel that the true spirit of the greatest day ever is about community, getting together with friends, and appreciating family over a slow-cooked corned beef and cabbage – not getting so drunk you forget your name.

That and yummy delicious Shamrock Shakes.

Wherever you go, and what ever you do for Spring Break, remember to wear sunscreen, be responsible, stick by your friends (no person left behind), know the emergency resources (who to contact if someone is sexual assaulted, robbed, or injured) where you are, be smart and safe, and stick to your personal boundaries.

Spring break is fun if it is filled with Shamrock Shakes, not regret.

Sincerely wishing I had sand in my office,

-Miss Meghan


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