Alex Walls Selected as 2012-2013 Student Trustee

Alex Walls, Class of 2013, will be the 2012-2013 Student Trustee. Walls was selected Saturday, Feb. 25 out of four candidates including Griffin Canfield, Laura Rodriguez and Robert Rudd. Walls will serve as Student Trustee-in-training under next year’s Student Trustee, Maurielle Stewart.

According to Alex Walls, a Political Science and Public Policy double major, his unique quality stems from his days as a ballroom dancer, he told students at an open forum for Student Trustee candidates last week.

The top three student concerns Walls intends to work on are tuition costs, services like internet and the strength of St. Mary’s academic programs.

“We are known as an honors college and we must push to be stronger [academically],” Walls said.

In addition to fixing old problems, Walls said he would like to continue student’s most successful programs such as the Green St. Mary’s Revolving Fund (GSMRF).

“The students really started it and took our money to do it,” said Walls.

Some new things Walls would like to see are a leadership program and a stronger writing requirement in the CORE curriculum.

He said, “[St. Mary’s] has nothing to teach students how to be a true leader.”

Walls said that a true leader does not follow a crowd.

“[A leader] is someone who stands up and serves others,” he said, “someone who expresses their ideas and the ideas of others.” Walls said that a good leader is a role model to others.

When handling delicate board matters, Walls said he would maintain a dialogue with students.

“I can only tell students as much as the Board will let be known,” he said, “but I will try to communicate effectively.”

Walls also said he wants to reach out beyond all-student emails and communicate, “through Student Government (SGA) and The Point News.”

In situation where Walls disagrees with what the students wants he will, “let the board know what the students want but tell them ‘hey, I don’t agree.’”

He said he would study the issue and help inform students.

Walls interest in the Student Trustee position began when he saw a promotional video for St. Mary’s with an interview featuring a past Student Trustee.

“I thought it was really cool,” Walls said, “I really want to be a stewart for future generations [of students].”

For Walls, the Board’s primary concern should be fund-raising.

“Tuition is just too high,” he said, “[the Board] needs to fund-raise and find private funding.” He added that the college’s limited resources stand in the way of progress.

Walls said he does not believe the school has the resources for an ROTC program or a football team.

He added, “there was an effort to bring football team to the school in the 1970’s and the students did not want it.”

When asked his greatest weakness, Walls said, “my lack of brevity.”

He admitted his Student Trustee application was too long.

Walls does, however, see a benefit in his verboseness.

“I enjoy talking to people.” Walls said, when asked why the board would want to communicate with him, “and as they talk to me, people see that I am a serious person who works hard.”

Alex Walls is a Staff Writer at The Point News. He did not read or edit this profile.


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