Women’s Basketball advocates for cancer research

St. Mary’s women’s basketball did more than play the game against Marymount University Feb. 5; they played their part in the fight against cancer.

To show their advocacy for cancer research, both men and women’s basketball teams sported white warm-ups with cancer support ribbons, and encouraged the crowd to wear white in an effort to “white out cancer.”

Combined, the St. Mary’s basketball teams raised close to $700 to donate to charity.

Raising money for cancer research had a special meaning for the team, as most of the women have known someone who has lost their life to cancer or is a cancer survivor.

Sophomore Pui Sham’s family was affected by the disease when her aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago.

Her aunt opted for a mastectomy instead of chemotherapy, and after surviving breast cancer, was later diagnosed with kidney cancer. Sham’s aunt then underwent chemotherapy, and is now a proud cancer survivor.

“Now, she’s alive and well,” Sham said. “My aunt Brenda is one of the very few people I know who has survived cancer and twice at that. I am glad to be doing my part to help other people like my aunt.”

The team’s season has been as successful as their contributions to cancer research – with eleven wins on the record, seven of which have been in the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC).

In their first game in the fight to “white out cancer” the women’s team led 35-26 against Marymount University at halftime, but lost by a mere four points at the completion of the game.

Despite the loss, senior Jamie Roberts scored 20 points, her third over 20 point game of the season. First-year Shana Lewis contributed with 12 points.

The Seahawks women’s basketball team continued to don their white warm-ups when they took their support to Salisbury on Wednesday Feb. 9.

After a narrow loss to Salisbury earlier in the season, the team was able to come back and earn a win. With seconds left in the game Roberts scored on a layup and put the Seahawks ahead 61-60.

“Our win against Salisbury could help us earn a spot for the CAC playoffs depending on how we do in the remaining games of the regular season,” Sham said.

“Hopefully the momentum we got from this win will continue to carry over for us. The end of season doesn’t seem very clear just yet, but we’re going to take it one game at a time.”

On Saturday, the St. Mary’s women’s basketball team celebrated their senior game. The sole senior, Roberts, is a key player and leader of the team. Roberts reminisced about her time at St. Mary’s.

“During my four years here, I can say that each team has been totally different,” Roberts said.

“I’ve been on the team when we had eight players and had to beg soccer and baseball boys to come practice with us so we could scrimmage – and now to be on a team with 13 girls has made a big difference.”

“Despite me being the only upperclassman I think the success that we’ve had so far this year is proof of the talent we have.

We’ve had several games that we’ve lost by one to four points, which shows that we’ve been competitive in all of our CAC games – we just need to figure out how to be able to get it done and come out on top.”

While standing at an 11-11 spread after the Feb. 9 game, the Seahawks remain at a 11-12 total record after a heartbreaking  62-59 loss to Wesley College during Senior Day on Feb. 12.

While Roberts reached a career-high of 23 points during the game, it was not enough to best the female Wolverines.

The Seahawks women’s basketball team is still looking forward to ongoing success for the remainder of the season and plan to continue to take their fight against cancer out on the court.

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