The Polar Bear Splash

On Thursday, February 17th, St. Mary’s students gathered down at the Riverfront center to participate in an annual fundraising called “The Polar Bear Splash.”

Kelly Schroeder, Assistant Dean of Students felt that this event was a “very visible expression of their cause for the environment, they are willing to take the plunge.”

Students take a plunge into the St. Mary’s River, typically in freezing cold temperatures, to raise money for a charity of choice.

This year students were treated to rather warm temperatures for February. On Thursday, the recorded temperature high for the day was 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

The students seem to enjoy participating in this event. According to First-Year David Wood, the plunge was “lots of fun for a good cause.”

While dripping with water, Junior Matt Pindell was still able to make jokes when he said “it was fun, I like the numbing sensation.”

Annual events are also held in Seattle, Lake George, NY, New Jersey, and Boston.

The “Plungapalooza” is the largest polar bear plunge in Maryland and in the United States.

Held annually at Sandy Point State Park, the Maryland “Plungapalooza” raises funds for the Special Olympics.

Watch the video here.

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