Room Selection Schedule Modified

Because of the delay in hard tuition numbers, the Office of Residence Life (ORL) has moved back room selecting and housing contract deadlines into early March.

The choice to move back deadlines for housing was made shortly after the second quarterly meetings of the Board of Trustees, when Trustees decided to hold off on setting next year’s tuition until February. Assistant Director of Residence Life Kelly Smolinsky said, “We don’t want students to sign a contract without knowing the conditions…I don’t think that would be ethical.”

Instead of being due Feb. 25, as stated in the To the Point student handbook, housing contracts and deposits will be due the next Friday, March 4. Applications for apartments, single rooms, townhouses, and suites have similarly been moved back.

As a consequence of these changes, and the fact that selection of doubles, triples, and quads have been moved back after advising day, Residence Life has also decided to get rid of the normal room draw process in favor of an application system very similar to what is currently used for suites and townhouses.

Everyone will now apply any time between the opening of applications and March 31, and assignment will be based on amount of credits. This means that friends who want to room together can now apply at the same time for the room they want, and their assignment will be based on the average of their credits.

According to Smolinsky, this has a major advantage over the room draw system, through which it was possible that someone else would take a potential friend’s spot in the time between each applicant’s room draw.

Smolinsky said, “For me, it’s more important that if you have someone you get along with that you can room together. Now I can guarantee you that yes, you will be able to live together.” Smolinsky also said that Residence Life would see how the process went in the coming fall and possibly consider making the change permanent.

Residence Life is also going to be rolling out a new web site for this year’s room selection, which will contain information such as updated room plans and standard sizes of things like beds and desks; Smolinsky hopes having this information more readily available to students will lead to more informed and satisfactory choices.

Smolinsky also said that Residence Life would be re-evaluating the distribution of students in Calvert Hall, known for its unusual room sizes. The due date applications for single rooms have also been moved to match those of north campus apartments.

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