New Music Policy Not Ideal: A Letter to Residence Life

Dear Associate Dean Goldwater,

Thank you so much for asking North Campus residents to respond to your new policy. I particularly support policy numbers five and six, which encourage students to talk with one another and to live in a community.

However, I do think there are a number of issues that need to be addressed immediately on both a temporary and permanent basis. I speak for myself, but more importantly on behalf of all campus musicians, current and future, to whom these policies apply.

First, we must not forget that there are other musicians in other parts of campus. This continues to restrict all students in non-North Campus residences from practicing in their rooms. If this policy makes sense for North Campus, it makes sense for the whole campus.

Second, I would like to draw particular attention to the arbitrarily assigned practice times. In our first meeting, three practice times a week were assigned, though with no real method to the time scheduled.

I agreed to these times although they are horribly limiting and they ignore the fact that artists should not be limited to such miniscule time to practice their craft. These hours are conveniently poised in the middle of the only time that dinner is offered and some people have 6:00 p.m. classes on Tuesdays.

These times are irrational and inconvenient. On a personal note, I happen to be working Tuesday and Saturday afternoons. This prevents us from legally practicing music as a band (or as individuals) on those days.

Should I quit my job to continue playing music or can we find a reasonable compromise? What about other musicians who are busy during those times? Should we also prevent them from playing music just because their schedule does not fit this mold?

Additionally, it is disconcerting that only band members and two guests per member can be present. Our friends should be allowed to listen to us practice, and realistically, each of us do have more than just two friends. We are part of a close-knit and vibrant community.

With policies five and six in effect why does limiting practice times even matter? Why be illogical about it? Live amplified music should be allowed to be played within the already allotted non-quiet hours and with utmost respect to “courtesy hours.”

Encourage us to be in conversation with our neighbors, not to have our lives regulated by arbitrarily assigned and unthinking policies.


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