Comedians Arvin Mitchell and Myq Kaplan Visit St. Mary’s

Recently the SGA Programs Board here at St. Mary’s hosted comedians Arvin Mitchell and Myq Kaplan for their weekly Friday Comedy Series in St. Mary’s Hall’s Auerbach Auditorium.

After Seaton Smith had hilariously kick off the series on Jan.28th, he left behind an incredibly hard act to follow.

Next up was Arvin Mitchell, who started the show off by thanking us for bringing him “in for black history month,” but that he was really “creeped out” that he had to perform next to the cemetery that sits right outside of St. Mary’s Hall.

Mitchell didn’t exactly disappoint, but he most likely lost quite a few happy audience members due to some of his racist and prejudiced jokes.

During his stand-up routine he made a culturally offensive joke targeted at a specific audience member, as well as laughed about the Obamas having sex, midgets at a funeral, men beating women, and a few stereotypical gay jokes.

Many of these quips might be fine at some of the other venues that he attends, but since St. Mary’s is known as an open-minded school with such a socially diverse student body, some of his jokes didn’t receive the reception he was probably hoping for.

It also seemed as if Mitchell had not exactly planned out how his skit would flow.

Many awkward pauses appeared throughout the hour as he waited for something to happen in the audience that he could comment on, such as someone’s phone ringing, him noticing that a girl had her feet up on the chair in front of her, and The Point News photographer snapping photos in the audience.

Despite the awkwardness of most of his set, he still gave the audience a good laugh.

A better actor than he is stand-up comedian, he was able to have students laughing at his spot-on impressions and ridiculous faces.

Not only did he perfectly do the voices of the old man who loves Chris from Family Guy, Snoop Dogg, President Obama, and Bill Cosby, but he had many audience members shrieking with laughter whenever he put on one of his “crazy” facial expressions.

The part that possibly gained the most applause, as well as a shout of “Do it again!” from the audience, was his impression of a dubbed Asian karate film.

There also was more audience chatter than usual, with many people holding their own side conversations or talking straight back to Mitchell.

A debate was even sparked after a student asked him whom he wanted to win the Superbowl and his answer was the Steelers. All of the audience commentary even provoked him to say, “This is the weirdest audience. And I love it.”

This previous Friday of Feb.11 came the third installment of the comedy series, which hosted comedian Myq Kaplan.

As with every other week, the show officially started after the audience began a rousing chant of “Francis” for Francis Rodezno of the SGA Programs Board committee, who always introduces the night’s comedian.

After Mitchell’s slight miss on targeting jokes to the St. Mary’s audience, Kaplan, who was finalist for NBC’s Last Comic Standing, could definitely be considered as a hit.

This week there were no awkward pauses, and he easily breezed from joke to joke.

As with many comedians that visit St. Mary’s, Kaplan commented on some different aspects of the school.

“I hear there’s a lot of Bio majors here,” he stated, “because there’s a river near by.” He then paused and added sarcastically, “That makes sense.”

Many of his jokes dealt with wordplay and were perfectly tailored to his audience. Among them were the mention of vegans, math, grammar, and some very clever Harry Potter puns.

Kaplan even mentioned, “I think you guys are my demographic. Because you know the word ‘demographic.’”

By the end of his hour-long segment, Kaplan wound down by amusing himself with singing the word “sports” to different theme songs, and spinning out cheesy wordplay jokes that kept the audience chuckling.

After Kaplan had left the stage, Francis Rodezno reappeared to announce that the Programs Board would soon reveal something “bigger than even World Carnival,”

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