Comedian Dazzles

Seaton Smith had a problem with the stage lighting. Playing on racial stereotypes, he claimed that because the lighting was so dim at the front of the stage, when he walked forward he immediately became a “suspect.” But back upstage, in the brightness of the spotlight, he was again “safe.”

He walked up and back, repeating “suspect” and “safe” to an uproarious crowd. Smith, who performed comedy at St. Mary’s Hall last Friday, was very well received and was deemed by many to have been the best comedian St. Mary’s has had in a while.

Senior Jessica Riesett commented, “I thought it was awesome. He was really funny. Sometimes comedians can be awkward, but he wasn’t.”

Performing to a beyond capacity room, Smith related personal anecdotes, including a story where he thought he bought two laptops for $70 from a crack-cocaine addict, but actually purchased two boxes full of newspapers.

Smith relied heavily on audience interaction; at one point he asked, “How many black people go here?” and a lone voice in the crowd shouted back, “Ten!” Smith also did an entertaining job personalizing his routine for the St. Mary’s students.

When he noticed people standing in the back and sitting in the aisles, he joked, “There must be NOTHING else going on here.” (The audience, it seemed, agreed wholeheartedly).

In addition to discussing the college, Smith’s act touched on everything from racial issues to the moment he knew he loved his girlfriend (for those curious, it was after she returned from the bathroom and he realized that she’d clogged up the toilet).

Overall, Smith received an extremely positive reaction. Sophomore Jonathan Weber left the performance pleased: “[He was the] best comedian we’ve had here. He needs to come back.”

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