Assange, WikiLeaks: Defenders of Information Freedom

It would seem that the WikiLeaks storm has passed. What makes me say this? The fact that news media coverage regarding WikiLeaks and Julian Assange has, for the most part, been downgraded to the ticker that scrolls across the bottom of the TV screen.

Allow me to bring it back to your attention: Julian Assange is the MAN. All caps intended. He keeps it real. He has the hardest hitting headlines. He also sheds light on pure and unadulterated truth. I thought people blast American news media for being too biased and tame. If that’s the case, then why is everybody so mad at Assange?

First, a series of facts: Julian Assange heads a publishing group called WikiLeaks. They publish information passed on to them about organizations, governments, and companies by people from within those respective organizations, governments, and companies.

Julian Assange is currently in Britain, out of prison on bail and fighting extradition to Sweden, where prosecutors have issued a warrant for his arrest so he can be interrogated over alleged sex crimes.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell called Julian Assange a “high-tech terrorist.” Vice President Joe Biden agrees with this statement. The US government is also investigating Assange in an attempt to see if he violated the Espionage Act.

Now, a series of my opinions: the issues of sex crimes in Sweden are absurd. It seems all too convenient that after WikiLeaks’ publishes copious amounts of documents that shed light on dubious American diplomatic practices that such a warrant would be issued. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but again, this is just my opinion.

Next, to call Julian Assange’s actions “espionage” is outrageous, especially when the law the US government is claiming he broke was enacted in 1917! Outdated much? Of course, there has been no evidence to prove one way or the other.

But remember, WikiLeaks is a publisher – they merely publish information that has been leaked to them from outside sources, sources that they try very hard to keep distance from to maintain anonymity for all parties involved.

Finally, to call Julian Assange a terrorist is good old fashioned doublethink. Let’s define “terrorism,” since it is a word that should not be thrown around lightly. Merriam-Webster defines terrorism as “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.”

What terror has been incited by WikiLeaks over the course of their four year existence? What have they coerced anybody to do? None and nothing. Mitch McConnell, Joe Biden, the US government, and any government around the world who call Julian Assange a terrorist merely do so because they are trying to remove elements that don’t fit in with their worldview and their agenda.

Note that not one single person has been killed because of WikiLeaks. Not one terrorist attack has been launched because of the information that has been brought to light. In fact, nothing drastic has happened at all because of WikiLeaks besides all the uproar.

Most of the information that has been leaked, especially with the diplomatic cables, essentially reveals information that we already suspected, such as China revealing that it does not like dealing with North Korea.

The US diplomats whose integrity has been compromised amounts to nothing more than political embarrassment. Big deal. These people deserve to be embarrassed. And who says they are beyond embarrassment? They are public officials – this is what they signed up for.

So I’ll say it again: Julian Assange is the MAN. I can only hope that he continues to publish raw information that holds our public officials accountable, because they are not above accountability. More importantly, they are not above the law.

I think Andrew Napolitano of FOX News Business says it best when he said, “If we allow the governments of the world to label Assange a terrorist and allow them to shut down WikiLeaks, it will be one giant leap towards tyranny.” Yes, I said Fox News.

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