The Search for the New Student Trustee Begins

The St. Mary’s Campus Community is now on the hunt for the next Student Trustee! We seek all worthy candidates and ask them to please consider stepping up to the plate and filling the large shoes worn by the Student Trustee for the 2012-2013 academic school year.

During this two year commitment, the Student Trustee serves the students and trustees. As Student Trustee, you will become part of the long-standing tradition, in place since 1987, of students speaking directly to the Board, promoting the interests and needs of the student body.

Essentially, the Student Trustee is the liaison officer between the students and the trustees with an aim to promote understanding on both sides of the table. From the seemingly minuscule to the grand concerns, trustees need to be well informed on all topics of contention at the college and where the students stand on such issues.

S/he will not only get the opportunity to interact with and learn from the eclectic group of individuals that make up the Board of Trustees, but also discover the mechanisms that make the college tick and be able to help sketch the route the college uses to navigate towards a successful future.

As impressive as this opportunity is, one must be reminded that it does come with great responsibility. The Student Trustee position is currently available only to First-year students and Sophomores due to the two-year commitment. If selected, s/he will initially be the Student Trustee-in-Training for one year.

In addition to attending full Board of Trustees meetings, the Student Trustee-in-Training also attends Buildings and Grounds Committee meetings and works to learn the ins and outs of the position; my advice is to ask plenty of questions.

During the second year, s/he will assume the mantle of Student Trustee, become a full voting member of the Board, serve on the Enrollment and Student Affairs Committee, and give reports at all official meetings.

Whether or not this article reaches the eyes of an interested student, it is important for all to understand that this job affects every student’s four years at St. Mary’s. So, to all those that don’t meet the eligibility requirements, please speak up and be active in the selection of the candidate who will best represent you and all your fellow students.

There will a town hall style forum (date TBA) where you come and ask questions to the candidates; for your own benefit, please attend. Also, the Student Trustee can’t be effective without knowing the grievances or joys of the students, so be sure to let them know!

And to those First-years and Sophomores who wish to apply, applications can be found at the information desk. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, the current Student Trustee-in-Training, or Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall, the current Student Trustee.

With that said, I am excited to see the new and familiar faces when I return from Paris in January, and let’s all work together to select our next representative to the Board of Trustees.

Maurielle Stewart ‘12
Student Trustee-in-Training

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